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The designer behind the brand


Louise Find is a Danish Fashion Designer educated at Parsons in Paris and New York.

Growing up in a home of two renowned architects, her interest naturally fell towards architecture from an early age. Upon completing college she moved to Paris to study fashion design at the prestigious university Parsons. She fell in love with the city and it became the main inspiration of her work. Upon completing her degree she moved back to Denmark, and she established the company Louise Find Fine Jewellery.

It has always been important for Louise Find to offer the very best of jewellery, and she has built the brand around high quality design and manufacturing, only using the highest graded gemstones and diamonds.



CEO and Founder

In 2016, upon completing my degree in Fashion Design and returning back from Paris and New York, I founded the fine jewellery brand Louise Find ApS with a vision to creating beautiful and stunning jewellery inspired by architectural elements, whilst using my extensive design background.


CEO and Founder

In 2012 a new journey began. Shortly after being accepted into the prestigious university Ècole Parsons a Paris I founded my own beauty and fashion brand, By Louise Find and moved to Paris. While studying the BFA i created my first collection, featured at CPH fashion week.



Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

From 2011 to 2015 I was enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration at CBS. Some of the courses were taken at campus and some were followed online while living, studying and working in Paris and New York.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Fashion Design

In 2013 the Ècole Parsons á Paris was split up into two. "Paris College of Art" & "Parsons Paris", due to the fact that the new campus of Parsons Paris wouldn't start until one year later, the students were given the possibility to continue their education in New York. So I moved to the city that never sleeps and finished my education.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Fashion Design

In 2012 I enrolled at the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at École Parsons á Paris, majoring in Fashion Design.


The essence of Louise Find’s design is retrieved from Parisian architecture. The young designer who lived in Paris for several years, later drew inspiration from her surroundings and the Haussmannian architecture that characterizes the city of Paris. She points out: “The buildings are architectural pearls and possess such an incredible amount of details throughout their elements. I seek to incorporate some of that history and the feeling they evoke, into my jewellery”

Haussmannian architecture originates from the mid-18s when Napoleon renovated the city, by the hand of Baron Haussmann who is known as the man who created the new Paris! Through his work the buildings were created in a new-classical style that is still typical of Paris today. Haussmann brought symmetry to the city, and the buildings became expressive and mimicked nature, found in details like gates, windows, balconies, decorative stone statues, door-knockers and stucks. The pale sandstone buildings became a symbol of Paris, on which we can see ornamental details on the sides of the balconies and the entrances. All this emblematic details of Paris are found in the beautiful pieces of jewellery by Louise Find creating a mesmerizing timeless universe.

Materials & Quality

At Louise Find Fine Jewellery we use the finest materials when creating our pieces. We care about quality and are therefore careful when choosing materials for our collections.


Today, gemstones are associated with luxury and are used as a piece of art to embellish oneself with. Gemstones have a long history as an object of human fascination, and can be track back to the old civilizations like the Roman Empire and Ancient Egypt. Louise Find uses high quality gemstones as Diamonds, Smoky Quartz, Aventurine, Onyx and Amethyst in creating timeless pieces of jewellery.

Smoky Quartz

The smoky quartz is a clear quartz with a range of grayish brown colors. This gem is found on several continents as Europe, North-America and Australia.


Amethyst is a crystalline quartz with a color ranging from different shades of purple or lilac. The stone has the special ability to changing color-shade regarding in what angle you look at it. The stone has been located in different parts of the world like Brazil, Canada and Russia.


Onyx is a type of microcrystalline quartz, and the color can be brown and white or black and white, with straight bands. The gem can be found worldwide.

Aventurine Quartz

The Green Aventurine quartz colors vary by the nature of the crystal inclusions of the quartz. The inclusions result in green, brown bluish white or orange varieties. The stone has been found in Brazil, India, Russia USA, Japan and Tanzania.


Diamond is the hardest mineral on Earth, and the highest prized of all gems. Colorless diamonds are the most valuable, but the color can range from yellow and brown, to blue, pink, red and black, depending on the impurities presented. For Louise Find diamonds are not just diamonds -therefore, we only uses the highest quality. To ensure this we use of the universal method of assessing the quality of diamonds: the 4 Cs. The 4 Cs represent Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight, which combined grades the value of the diamond.

Our Internal Flawless River diamond presents a brilliant cut, which ensures that maximum light shines out-through the front and creates a star bright reflection. The brilliant cut represents the highest score on the cut scale.

The color grading scale goes from a range of D-Z, where D and E represent colorless diamonds, which are the most valuable on the market. The most desired diamond starts at D, that clear as a water drop, followed by E that is used by Louise Find.

Diamond clarity assesses the absence of inclusions. Our Internal Flawless diamonds contains no inclusions, only blemishes are visible to a skilled grader using 10x magnification.

The last C represent carat weight which is used to determine the weight of a diamond. 1 carat is 200 mg (0.2). Most of our jewellery contains the Internally Flawless River Diamond with a weight of 0.005 ct.


Gold is measured by a 24-karat scale where 24K pure gold is 999.9‰. All our golden jewellery is made of 18K which contains 750 ‰ gold.

For our silver jewellery, the pieces are made of 925‰ sterling silver.

Design by Louise Find ApS